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a waterhole for the well-being of people and planet.

…metaphorically speaking is an initiative of Lucy Van Sambeek, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over a decade of experience working in remote communities of the Northern Territory.  Now living and working in the Mid North Coast of NSW, Lucy offers a unique therapeutic approach to her practice with individuals, groups and organisations, bringing together the best of Western science and knowledge, whilst respecting and engaging with Indigenous perspectives and world views.  Wander over to ‘The Boardwalk’ to read Our Story, and learn about who we are, what we do and how we work.

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What’s New?

‘Narrative Walks’ program – November 2021

Narrative Walks is a mental health initiative designed for those people who would prefer to move or be out in nature to access their therapy.  We are offering two whole-day therapeutic bushwalks in November – one for adults and one for youth.  Click here for more information.

‘Facing the Climate Crisis’ project

Right now, I am hearing stories of young people being crippled by eco-anxiety, feeling despair at the future that unfolds for themselves and future generations.  We are seeing a rise in depression and stress, related to the ongoing lack of action on climate change.  In 2021, my goal is to uncover the alternative stories of people’s lives around the climate crisis, unearthing the ways they are surviving and thriving, living out their true values and taking action.  By sharing stories from ordinary people just like you, we aim to inspire hope to those who have lost theirs.