Welcome to The River Mouth – a gateway to resources for social workers, practicing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, groups and communities in Australia.

Our dream for this space is for the vibrant and respectful mixing of knowledge between Western and traditional Aboriginal world views to occur in a bubbly, frothy way, much like the phenomenon called ganma.

Ganma is created when a river of water from the land meets the salt water from the incoming tide, creating a mysterious swirling whirlpool of foam on the surface.   The ganma metaphor is an ancient tradition in Yolngu culture which “holds (in part) that the forces of the streams combine and lead to deeper understanding and truth.” 


‘The River Mouth’ is a place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous voices can come together for dialogue to create new understandings and do best practice in social work and community development.

Here I share my learnings on the social work journey which includes 10 years working with Aboriginal people, groups and communities in the Northern Territory and reflections incorporating Western methodologies from ecotherapy, narrative therapy and art therapy.


“Talk the Walk” is a podcast ‘putting legs on social work with Indigenous communities through story’.   Hear stories of success, inspiration and hope from social workers, community workers and other allied health practitioners, Elders and community members.


Access recommended readings and web links to develop effective, culturally-safe, social work practice.


Access resources you can put to use straight away in your work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, groups and communities.


Find out how we can tailor-make a personal and professional development opportunity for your organisation.



At …metaphorically speaking, we are learning to live and breathe the ganma way in our practical work together.  We invite you to join us on this bubbly and frothy journey.