…metaphorically speaking facilitates a range of personal and professional development workshops with staff in the human services sector such as domestic violence, mental health, child and family services.

Our workshops are underpinned by the following beliefs:

  • you can only do your best work with others, when you nurture and look after yourself
  • stress in the workplace impacts our clients and the stories we tell about ourselves
  • You have amazing skills, knowledge, abilities, intentions, commitments and hopes that contributes to the strengths of your team or workplace
  • it is easier to apply therapeutic methodologies with your clients, that you have experienced yourself
  • therapy can actually be fun and creative, as well as transforming
  • you have as much to teach me as I have to teach you

Hands-on… Creative… Fun… Reflective…  Safe… Practical… Embodied… Evidence based…
For Team Building… for Personal and Professional Development…

Our workshops aim to:

  • strengthen your health and wellbeing, prevent burnout and reduce the likelihood of vicarious trauma
  • re-discover your story of skills, abilities, knowledge, values, beliefs, intentions, commitments and hopes that shape your life and work
  • identify and build appreciation for the strengths in your team, to reduce the impact of stress in the workplace
  • enhance knowledge and skills around narrative, arts and eco-therapy methodologies for working with individuals and groups
  • assist clients to tell their stories in ways that are safe and promote healing through creative expression

Our therapeutic approach to healing and well-being informs the way we deliver workshops.  Click here for more on our therapeutic approach to practice.

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