…metaphorically speaking seeks to promote the wellbeing of people and planet through a range of therapeutic services.

  • Individual consultation sessions (face-to-face counselling) in the outdoors
  • Individual consultation sessions (on line counselling)
  • Collective Narrative Arts Therapeutic group programs
  • Nature Therapy walks – public and private (for individuals, couples, families and groups)
  • Nature-Based Corporate Wellbeing sessions
  • Access to green wellbeing policy development for organisations

Please explore ‘The River Bank’ for more information about our client services.

Our long term vision incorporates a healing place where people can come and stay in the forest, to feed their body, mind and spirit, and connect with themselves, other people and the more-than-human world.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other organisations and alternative health providers, to promote the wellbeing of people and planet through therapeutic experiences, workshops or retreats.

Ask us about contractual arrangements for group work with your clientelle incorporating our ecotherapy and narrative arts therapy approach.