…metaphorically speaking has teamed up with the following people, organisations and initiatives to help us grow!
Check them out if you want to flourish too!


Nature and Wellbeing Australia is a collaborative of Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guides in Australia, using an evidence-based approach for providing experiences in, with and for nature.   …metaphorically speaking is proud to be a member, connecting people with nature as part of our amazing Earth community.



We are proud to be partnering with Bloom Wellness and Creation in delivering a range of therapeutic services to our local community in the Nambucca Valley.  Our collaborative projects range from offering professional development opportunities to health and wellness retreats.  We recommend Bloom Wellness and Creation for up-to-date, current and authentic information, counselling and personal support on all types of pregnancy, birthing and early parenting issues.



Kelly Ferris is extremely passionate about creating effective digital media and marketing campaigns to benefit community groups, non-profit organisations, creative artists or commercial businesses to achieve positive outcomes for everyone and our planet.  Kelly has contributed to our photographic images and website design.



Forestry Corporation manages around two million hectares of native forests for sustainable timber production, recreation and biodiversity in NSW.  They are supporting us to encourage people  to get out and explore their backyard.