“Talk The Walk”

Putting the legs on Social Work with Indigenous communities through story.

Walking the Talk on a Tiwi Islands beach

I have a new project and one I hope you might be able to help me with!

What is it?

A podcast.  My dream is to interview people doing social work with Indigenous communities to share experiences, learnings and wisdom.

Why a podcast?

When I graduated from university, I had lots of unanswered questions about how to really ‘do’ social work in Indigenous communities.   Moving from big city life to the remote North was daunting and I had no real mentors to show me the way.   I was thrown in the deep end, flying out to remote communities, with nothing but a listening ear to offer.  For two years, I felt like I was in a big bucket of water, with just my mouth sticking out, gasping for air, just surviving.  I had text books and journals; if only I’d had stories of experience!

“Talk the Walk” will explore what it means to bring all of our head, heart and hand to the work, using the power of narrative from everyday social workers on the ground. 

We’ll hear stories about what inspires social workers to work in Indigenous communities; the challenges they’ve faced and the skills and knowledge they have used to overcome low points; the sparkling moments of success and what makes it all worthwhile; the values and beliefs that underpin their work and who has been most influential in their development; and future hopes and dreams.   ‘Talk the Walk’ will be like chatting with a friend while you exercise, downloadable and listened to at any time.   A valuable resource for graduating social work students preparing for the journey ahead, and a watering hole for the rest of us who continue to learn every day!

How will it work?

Interviews may feature Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal social workers, community development workers and counsellors, as well as Elders or community members whose story will resonate with social workers working with Indigenous communites, groups or individuals.

Interviews will be recorded via Skype on Wednesdays or an evening that suits.  They will be edited to 30-45 minutes in length.  One interview will be uploaded to the podcast per week.

What does this mean for you?

You and/or someone you know has a great story to tell that we need to hear.   Go to our Contact page and send us an email with ‘Yes, I want to talk the walk’ in the subject line.   Or send me the contact details of someone you think would make a great interview.

Let’s ‘Talk the Walk’ together.