Testimonials – Clients

Feedback from counselling clients

“I was grateful for Lucy to come and talk to me and my daughter. Because we had a little bit of problem with her. In the early part, it was very hard for us.   Samantha wasn’t concentrating on her school work and she ran away from school. She used to get teased and get upset. But lucky Lucy come. Lucy shared the right ideas to deal with her.   After that Samantha, was feeling really good and happy. She was getting along better with her friends. Me and my partner were really comfortable with Lucy coming to the school and supporting Samantha.”  (Father, Tiwi Islands)

“Lucy’s program is good and we know Lucy well.  She works with me and my family and we go through her counselling program and she visits us at our homes too.   She gives us one to one counseling or in a group at the bush camp and we are used to her services.” (Parent, Tiwi Islands)

“I love your work Lucy, you are one of a kind, hard to find! 😉 happy to have you as my children’s counsellor. You know your work and you must have such a passion in what you do otherwise you wouldn’t have come this far with my children.  The story [my son shared] was amazing.  I loved how it expressed his journey in life and what [he’s] learnt, seen, his outlook, his emotions, its tell me so much about him inside and out!”  (Parent, Darwin)

“The best thing about counselling was being able to talk and get everything off my chest and becoming a better person, less traumatised and no longer paranoid.” (Boy, aged 11)

“The backpack [drawing task] at counselling helped me get my feelings out on paper and out of my head.   It’s out of our head and we don’t become stressed.”  (Girl, aged 9)

Feedback from community workers and stakeholders

The following feedback was gathered during an independent external evaluation in 2012.

“Aboriginal Health Workers and Community Workers have received training sessions in the Tree of Life Activity and found it very useful and highly culturally appropriate. They are keen to have further training and involvement.”

“Lucy provides a valuable service and her flexibility is well regarded.”  (Pirlangimpi Health Centre)

“We are really Impressed with Lucy’s work. She is doing a wonderful job with the kids.  The children look forward to her visits.  It looks like a lot of fun.  I sometimes wish I was there”.  (Milikapiti School Principal)

“[The principal] sees a big improvement in the children’s behaviour and resilience.” (Pirlangimpi School)

(names changed to protect identity)